Sebastian Garcia (ARG)


Short biography:

Sebastian is a malware researcher and security teacher. He did his PhD on the detection of botnets/malware by analyzing their network traffic and creating behavioral models of their actions. He likes to analyze network patterns with machine learning tools, specially on malware and botnet traffic. As a researcher in the ATG group of Czech Technical University in Prague, he believes that free software and machine learning tools can help better protect users from abuse of their digital rights. He has been teaching in several countries and Universities and working on penetration testing for both corporations and governments. As a co-founder of the MatesLab hackspace he is a free software advocate that worked on honeypots, malware detection, distributed scanning (dnmap) keystroke dynamics, bluetooth analysis, privacy protection, intruder detection, robotics and biohacking.

In the CTU University he is managing the Stratosphere IPS project, where they are developing a free-software behavioral-based IPS.