Results of #BSidesBUD2018 CTF game!

Dear Visitors!

As you know it, the Avatao team has developed a Capture The Flag game for #BSidesBUD2018 where everybody could test their skills by trying offensive and defensive security tasks and had the chance to get acquainted with the typical bugs and the ways to eliminate them in different environments. The path started with easy tasks but included difficult ones as well.

Here are the best 4 results of #BSidesBUD2018 CTF. All of them had won a free ticket for the conference!

Kudos for the participants and thanks for joining the game!

  1. zarmin
  2. Noel Sólyom (noel)
  3. László Molnár (Usern4me)
  4. József Kett (Kex)

See you on Thursday!

BSidesBUD Crew

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