BSidesBUD2018 CTF has been launched – win a ticket for the conference!

Dear Visitors! We are glad to announce, that our partner in crime, Avatao has developed a Capture The Flag game for #BSidesBUD2018Participants with the best 3 results will win a free ticket for the conference, and we also distribute one ticket among the contestants.

Everybody can test their skills by trying offensive and defensive security tasks and has the chance to get acquainted with the typical bugs and the ways to eliminate them in different environments. The path will start with easy tasks but includes difficult ones as well. Take the #BSidesBUD2018 path at, register on the platform and try your skills on a variety of challenges!

The CTF is accessible from your browser, so you only need your laptop to get in the game. Solve exciting hands-on challenges, practice in a virtual lab environment and win a ticket for #BSidesBUD2018! Share and care for the community!

We are thrilled, that there are some new presentations in the schedule of BSidesBUD2018! Tobias Schrödel, (also known as Comedy Hacker) will talk about hacking a teddy bear and buying passwords in the darknet, while Sebastian Garcia and Veronica Valeros will present the operation and detection of modern mic bugs.

We also have a new workshop at the conference! Gábor Pék from Avatao will show you how to develop softwares securely from design to deployment, but there are 3 additional comprehensive courses for those who want to deepen their knowledge: Muhammed Bassem will talk about advanced web app penetration testing, Éva Szilágyi & Dávid Szili will introduce you the Bro network security monitor and Zoltán Abonyi will hold a BadUSB with Arduino workshop.

Workshop registration will start on 19th February and only available for ticket owners. So if you do not want to miss out this great opportunity to learn, get your ticket now!

If you want to help us and get a conference ticket with a T-shirt for free, apply to be a volunteer!

BSidesBUD2018 is still looking for sponsors! If you, or your company is interested in supporting this event, please download our sponsorship kit, or contact us at [email protected]

Students under the age of 18 can enter BSidesBUD2018 for free. If you have any relatives or friends under 18, who want to join the conference, please spread the word!

We cannot wait to see you at the conference!

The BSidesBUD Crew

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