Hacking a teddy bear & buying password in the darknet: new presentation at #BSidesBUD2018!

Tobias Schrödel, (also known as Comedy Hacker) will talk about hacking a teddy bear and buying passwords in the darknet at BSidesBUD2018. Tobias is famous for his great and amusing presentations, his talk will demonstrate how a smart teddy bear can be hacked to allow strangers to talk to kids through its BT connected speaker. You’ll see Freddy Bear performing live on stage!

The second part of his presentation is an online-shopping of user credentials in the darknet. Have you (or your company) ever bought stolen user IDs or passwords? No? Why not? After this presentation you will – just to secure your business!

Tickets for #BSidesBUD2018 are available now if you do not want to miss out this great event get yours today!

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